One of the strongest bonds, that even Physics and/or Chemistry cannot explain, is the relationship that we have with our family. Our family protects us, shields us from any kinds of threat, helps us build a bright future, supports us in every endeavor, stands with us through the darkest hours, cheers us in every game we play and shares the sweetest smile and laughter with us. Basically, our most unforgettable experiences in life circles around our family. My family has always been the most important persons in my life. Consequently, I have always wanted to reach my dream, not only for self-fulfillment, but also for the benefit of my family. Global Healthcare Resources (GHR) understood me and my aspirations the very first day that I signed a contract with them. The road to my American Dream has never been a straight path. I encountered difficulties in almost every step and I almost gave up. At the very beginning, I never even knew what to do and did not really know how everything will take place. GHR explained every thing to me and made each legal and technical term clear and understandable. Whenever I have questions, they have always made themselves available and entirely resolve each of my concerns. The resolution may not have always been instantaneous, but you will feel that they are doing their best each day to iron out glitches or complications. GHR, Sir Fonz Chan and Sir Dennis Light never lose hope in me. They encouraged me not to surrender to all the trials. Whenever necessary, they consulted their legal team to assure me that everything is being taken care of. I appreciate all the efforts that they did for me to bring me to where I am right now. I felt that I was with a “family” when GHR kept on uplifting me when I was at my lowest. When I arrived in America, GHR assisted me to become stable. They were able to find a job for me in a state and city where my friends are also working. Until now, GHR is still with me and lends a hand whenever I have concerns regarding work. I will always be forever thankful to GHR for I am now a step closer in fulfilling my dreams. I may not have achieved my dreams yet, but I will not fret because I have a family with GHR that supports me every step of the way.

Patcholo Y. Paglinawan, PTRP, PT
Physical Therapist Comtrix Healthcare