LANGUAGE - All nursing personnel will be certified in English, and certifications of required exams will be provided to the hospital. Additionally, since 1998 most foreign nurses who are processed for permanent residence status must pass a test for both spoken English (TSE), and written English (TOEFL), exceptions are nurses from English speaking countries and nurses who have received their nursing degree from an English speaking country. Nurses recruited from Mexico (who are not required to take TSE or TOEFL) are stringently screened for language competency and usually receive remedial language instruction. In all cases, the selection of nurse candidates rests with you, the Hospital, who will make the final decision on whether the nurse’s spoken English is acceptable.

COUNTRIES - Currently, Global contracts with seven recruiting companies and is in the process of expanding its recruitment efforts in Mexico, South America, Canada and Europe. Our recruitment firms are recruiting qualified nursing personnel from the following locations:

• England • Philippines • India • Sri Lanka • Mexico •
• Australia • Canada • New Zealand • Nigeria
• Ghana • Caribbean Islands • Kenya • Middle East •
• Cameroon • Peru •

Our recruiters are responsive to a hospital’s stated needs as communicated to them by Global. We remain open to developing a recruitment system in new geographic areas if requested by your Hospital.